Friday, March 6, 2015

How To Date Your Vintage Citizen Wristwatch

Citizen Watches it was thought that the Serial number worked in the same way but it is now thought to differ with the month part.... This was mainly because it was noted that there were apparently a lot of watch serial numbers with the 2nd number of 'O/0' pointing to an October manufactured Month... (O/0 either being [O]ctober or 0 = the 10th month being err October!) So the current mode of thought is like this. For example Citizen Leopard Super Beat 

Citizen Serial Number 00520517

Movt. 1st made for sale in 1970's

The 1st number of the serial number is '0' so 1970

The 2nd number is 0 [under the Seiko method we'd think October... However this is now thought to be wrong] it is the 2nd + 3rd number which is 0+5 = 05 so the Month is May

The watch was made in May 1970

Citizen Year:

Same year Method as the Seiko:

Citizen Month:

01 - January

02 - February

03 - March

04 - April

05 - May

06 - June

07 - July

08 - August

09 - September

10 - October

11 - November

12 - December

This method works well with my vintage Citizens...
I hope that it helps to dating your vintage citizen wristwatch.

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