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Make: Rolex
Model: Submariner 14060M
Serial: P989148

This watch was 1st purchased in 08.07.2007 when new
. This watch comes with Jeweler's invoice, appraisal and resit, Original Box, Outer box, 2 extra link and Rolex service book. The orignal cerificate was misplaced and cannot be located by the 1st owner.

Description and Overview

This is the ultimate men's wristwatch. A man's watch should be his best piece of jewelery, since we shouldn't wear a jewelery that a women do.

The Submariner features a lustrously glossy dial that is free of the COSC verbiage, "Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified" that graces the dial of the Submariner Date. While the COSC cert has its value, the two-fewer lines of printing on the dial allow more space for the engagingly lustrous glossy black finish on the dial to show. I like this a lot.

There is no date window, making the dial perfectly symmetrical. The markers at 9:00 and 3:00 match up.

The hands and markers are made of 18K gold. As I understand it, the tritium luminous material that was originally used would erode steel markers and hands, so white gold was introduced. While the luminous material on this current model is non-radioactive Luminova, the white gold parts remain as vestiges of the past.

The Submariner is essentially the same watch as it was when introduced in 1954. The only differences, are the markers, which are now white/yellow gold rings rather than luminous paint; gloss dial rather than flat black; crown guards; and the movement, which has been updated. These are very subtle changes over the 52-year history of the watch. If you were to look at the first Sub and the latest Sub side by side, they would look essentially the same. I can't think of any other watch that his been in continuous production for five decades. This is the most copied watch in the world - even Timex makes one!


The case is the Rolex Oyster. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. It is thick, machined stainless steel. The steel is 904L, which is more resistant to salt water than the 316L used by other makers, and costs three times as much. It looks different from 316L, too. It takes abuse and shines up with dish soap and paper towels. A battle tested, time-proven, original Rolex design that has been copied by nearly every other maker.

This Movement

The Submariner comes with the Rolex 3130 movement, which is the result of 50 years of painful, Rolex-slow improvement. It contains 31 rubies, beats at 28,800 cph, and is referred to as a "tracteur." The name rings true: The 3130 is not pretty, but it is a large, durable, highly accurate movement that is easy to service. Kinda like a John Deere tractor.

This brings up a bit of Rolex history. Rolex was the first to introduce a waterproof case, with the Oyster. Hans Wilsdorf realized that the weak link was the crown, and Rolex then came up with the screw-down crown. Unscrewing the crown daily to wind the watch wore down the seals, so Rolex sought rights to a self-winding movement, and was the first to introduce one. With the self-winding movement, the crown could be left alone, minimizing wear on the seals and maintaining water- and dust-proofness. Thus, Oyster (waterproof case) Perpetual (self-winding movement). All proper Rolexes (i.e. not Cellinis) have "Oyster Perpetual" inscribed on the dial.


We like to make fun of our Rolex bracelets. Cheap, stamped metal, hollow links, light weight. But the light weight makes it comfortable to wear all day (I'd remove my Omega Seamaster whenever I was at my desk), and abuse it as I do, a few minutes with a toothbrush and some dish soap makes it as lustrous as new. It has thick springbars and a fliplock catch that hold it together securely. My Seamaster bracelet was heavier, but it would pop open occasionally. My Rolex Oyster Fliplock bracelet hasn't yet failed. It has a classic look that everyone else has copied. I love it.

Rolexes Movement

The heart of a watch is the movement. The Rolex Submariner has a Rolex movement. If the company on the dial does not make the movement, then the company is just a maker of dials and cases, not watches. Rolex is in-house watchmaker.

Omega, Panerai, and many others, have ETA movements, made by the Swatch group. ETA makes some lovely movements, but those brands that use the same ETA movements as everybody else make cases, bracelets, and dials, not wristwatches. Anybody could machine a case, affix a strap to it, install an ETA movement, hype it as a limited edition, and charge few thousands for the thing. Rolex (along with Patek Philippe, Zenith, Jaeger Le-Coultre, and Seiko) makes watches. Your name on it should mean you made it. If it says Rolex, it was made by Rolex.James Bond Watch

Rolex Submariner was the first watch worn by James Bond in James Bond movie until was taken over by Omega Seamaster Professional in Golden Eyes.

The Look

The Submariner looks great with a suit and tie, and with jeans and a t-shirt for any wheather.


The ultimate Men's wristwatch.

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