Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Girard Perregaux Casquette LED Watch 9931 

1970s Super Rare
Limited Production Only about 2200 or 4000.
It is Highly Collectible Item For Collectors.

Calibre Module No. 396. Swiss Assembled.

The same new watch costs between $3000-$5000. 

Functions: Hour, Minute, Second

Approximate Manufacture Year ~ 1960s

Overall Condition: Extra Fine, Normal Wear

Accessories: GP watch box, no paper

Personal collection. Willing to letgo for USD800

Development of the "Casquette" how Girard Perregaux named this model internally began in 1974 in GP's own electronic department. Based on a high precision so called elecronic mother clock with nixie tube display to control subordinated clock units the next step was a small desktop clock where already macrolon was used for the housing. Finally the Casquette could be launched for sale in January 1976 and was produced until November 1978. Being even that innovative and courageous to invest in the development of a special module like for some of the other LED watch manufacturers to do so the production of this watch might not have been very profitable in the end. But today we owe them a spacy seventies LED watch design
Three Versions were available:
Ref. NumberVersionHistorical priceUnits produced
993418k rolled goldSFr 775,-2.200
9931Stainless steelSFr 680,-4.000
9939MacrolonSFr 555,-2.000

All versions were available with matching leather straps and several styles of braceletts, the width of the front and rear lugs being different. The grey macrolon (an especially strong and light glass-fibre strengthened polymer the first time to be used in wrist watch manufacturing) model with a different style macrolon bracelett - featuring a tricky construction which holds the band links together by two nylon strings inside. All versions have solid steel case backs, slightly curved for handsome fit on the wrist.