Monday, February 17, 2014


This gorgeous, men’s watch is a very vintage specimen and features ORIGINAL ENAMEL DIAL With arabic numbers indexes. With original mineral glass and black hands.

Solid Stainless Steel case - diameter with crown 47 mm (without crown 44 mm), is in excellent condition.

The ORIGINAL Moscow Factory manual wind 16 jewels movement caliber 6-2. Excellent working, very clean.This beautiful military wristwatch has the original movement in an excellent status which was very well saved, considering age of this watch. Movement has been recently serviced to ensure it winds and sets smoothly while keeping great, accurate time.


Rare military example of a men’s Military circa 1959 timepiece. It is a unique and rare AVIATOR'S example of RUSSIAN AIR FORCE - wristwatch.
Special edition for USSR MILITARY.

Moscow Watch Factory is one of the biggest and eldest factories in Russia. It is situated in the center of the South Urals in the city of Chelyabinsk. Chelyabinsk is surrounded by numerous lakes and wild forests. For its beautiful nature people call this region "Russian Switzerland". Watch production is another feature that South Urals and Switzerland have in common. Chelyabinsk region is one of the largest regions in the middle of Russia known for its talented masters. If you return back to the history of Russia you'll see that Russian Tzars always invited masters from Urals when they wanted to get unique and beautiful things for their palaces or presents to other countries. This region is also called "Gate between Europe and Asia".

The factory was established on November 17, 1947. At first main products were wristwatches, pocket watches, mechanical table clocks and unique technical clocks for tanks (Panzer), fighter aircraft and submarines ordered and paid by Soviet Union Department of Defense. From the end of 50-s and up to the present time the main product of the factory is mechanical 15 and 18 jewels watches "Molnija". The factory produces mechanical pocket watches "Molnija" and movements caliber 3602/3603. The cases for watches are made of "German silver", polished, plated with chrome, etc., decorated with enamels or hand-made enamel paintings. "Molnija" movement has 18 jewels, steel lever pallet escapement, off-centre small second, free-screw balance, shock resistant balance staff. Eighty percent of work is done by hand. All parts for watches, except jewels and accessories (chains and packaging) are produced by the factory itself. “Molnija” watches are more than watches:

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