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Model:Colt Chrono Auto
Case Materials Available:Steel
Movement:Breitling 13
Power Reserve:42 Hours
Water Resistance:100m
Lug Width:20mm
Watchwinder Direction:Clockwise
Breitling Colt Chrono watches are renown for precision and durability. Built to withstand the elements, this series of Breitling Chrono Colt watches are water resistant to a depth of 200 meters. The level of precision is unmatched in the industry, as this series of mens watch boasts a Chronometer certified Chronograph Chronometre Movement, capable of measuring increments of 1/10th of a second. With a high level of functionality coupled with its graceful design, this timepiece is ideal for todays professional and sportsman alike.

Used pre-owned watch. Watch is in good working condition. Recently serviced in January 2012. Overall condition is good. Minor scratches on the bracelet and crystal. Watch comes complete with box, cards and pape


Breitling was founded by Louis Breitling in 1884 in St Imier with the specific purpose to develop chronographs and counters for scientific and industrial applications. The late 19th century witnessed a number of unique industrial developments such as the automobile and the aeroplane. Breitling recognised that these new machines would need timing instruments and soon became a manufacturer of high quality timing instruments. Rapid expansion led to a move to the Swiss town of La-Chaux-de-Fonds in 1892 to accommodate growth.

In 1915 Breitling developed their first wristwatch chronograph and went on to make several significant developments in this area. In 1923 they were the first watch manufacturer to introduce an independent push piece for the chronograph, enabling the start and return-to-zero function (previously performed by the winding-crown). Then in 1934 Breitling added a second push piece to the chronograph enabling either cumulative or incremental time recording. These developments made the Breitling watch a favourite amongst pilots. In 1936 Breitling was chosen to supply the Royal Air Force with time keeping equipment. In the 40’s Breitling became the US Air Force official pilots watch whilst also supplying the American armed forces. By the 50’s Breitling had cemented their position in the aviation industry and was supplying cockpit clocks for most of the international airlines.
Over the years, Breitling launched a number of classic watches. 1942 saw the launch of the Chronomat, the first chronograph to be fitted with a circular slide rule. In 1952, the Navitimer was launched, a wrist watch equipped with a so called “navigation computer” that allowed pilots to calculate flight plans. This watch became an instant favourite amongst pilots. In 1962, the Cosmonaute was released providing a 24 hour chronograph. This watch was worn by Scott Carpenter when he flew America’s second ever manned orbital flight in the Aurora 7. In 1969, Breitling was part of a consortium of watch manufacturers that developed the first automatic chronograph, a major break through at the time.
1979 saw the end of an era for Breitling, with the death of Will Breitling. The company was subsequently bought by Ernest Schneider launching a new era for Breitling. Schneider introduced watch lines for other professions such as yachting and diving, whilst continuing to focus on building high quality, high precision watches for the aviation industry. A number of now classic watches were introduced under Schneider’s leadership such as the new Chronomat (1984), the Aerospace (1985), the Emergency (1995) and the B-1 (1998).
Today Breitling is one of the leaders in the Swiss watch industry for product development, continually launching innovative new high precision models.

What makes Breitling Watches Unique

Breitling declares their watches to be “instruments for professionals”. With a strong focus on the aviation industry, Breitling have developed a number of watch models that have been highly appreciated by pilots and astronauts throughout the history of aviation and aeronautics. 

Current Breitling Models
Navitimer 50th Anniversary, Navitimer Heritage, Navitimer Breitling Fighters, Navitimer Olympus, Cosmonaute, Montbrillant and Montbrillant Datora, Chronomat, Chronomat Longitude, Wings Automatic, Crosswind, Crosswind Racing, Crosswind Special, Headwind, Callisto, Callistino, Blackbird and B-Class, Emergency, Emergency Mission, Aerospace, B-1, B-2 and Hercules, Chrono Avenger, Chrono Avenger Rattrapante, Chrono Avenger Sixty Nine, Chrono Avenger M1, Avenger Seawolf, Superocean, Chrono Colt Quartz, Colt Automatic, Colt Quartz and Colt Oceane, Breitling Bentley 6.75, Breitling Bentley GT, Bentley Motors Chronograph and the Breitling Bentley Le Mans.

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