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AUTHENTIC MARATHON MIL-PRF-46374G Watches Mechnical 17 Jewels Swiss Manual Winding with Hacking System

MIL-PRF-46374G Watches Mechnical 17 Jewels Swiss Manual Winding with Hacking System

With MIL-PRF-46374G a new idea in U.S. Military purchasing was introduced, the Performance Standard. The military no longer specifies endless detail on the design of the watch, they just state what performance tests it has to meet. This gives manufacturers more leeway to be innovative and hopefully gets a better product for the troops at lower cost. Note that some watches under the prior standard have been procured this way, under MIL-PRF-46374F.

In the G standard, issued 12 November 1999, the most noticeable change is on the dial where all extraneous markings have been removed. Only the H3 and radiation symbol remain so users can focus on the hands and numbers. The case back has similar markings to earlier models.

Under MIL-PRF-46374G, the Navigator watch is now called Type III, Class 1, new terminology for the Type 6 of the prior standard. Typical markings for these watches:

NRC ID: 54-28526-01E
JUNE 2006
CAGE 38775

The CAGE Code refers to Marathon. Some watches of lower grades have been produced by reference to MIL-W-46374G, not a performance spec. In 2000, Stocker & Yale withdrew from the military watch and compass business and sold that division of the company to Cammenga & Associates, Inc. a maker of the U.S. Army Lensatic Compass among other products. Cammenga later stopped making watches leaving Marathon the sole supplier of watches to the U.S. Military.

  • Intended Use: High altitude, Pilot/parachute - Law enforcement
    Bi-Directional Time Zone Ring
    Analogue dial with 2 time scale
    Date between the 3 and 4 o'clock position
    Water resistant to 6 atm. atmospheres
    Stop Second (hack) high torque movement
  • Fibreshell high impact case with stainless steel engraved back. Hesalite Crystal forgives excessive external pressure changes.
  • Fibreshell high impact, waterpoof and dustproof case.
    Black face features both 12- and 24-hour dials, with luminous hands and hour markings, white numerals and a sweep second hand. Luminous Features are indicated by self lighting tritium tubes
  • This watch is made in accordance with MIL-PRF-46374G Type III, Class 1
  • This watch comes with black nylon mil-spec strap (Xtra long to fit over uniform). This strap is manufactured in accordance with MIL-S-46383B, Type III.
  • Note: This watch was issued only to US Government and approved Departments and Ministries.
  • Price : RM800.00 (Negotiable/Boleh dirunding)

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