Friday, August 7, 2009


The Seiko Diver that I mentioned in this article.

High quality spring bars - thick and last long

Low quality spring bars that are easily broken

Rusted and broken spring bars being years inside the strap and bracelet

I just got Seiko Diver Red Dial bought from a friend few hours ago. I immediately tried it on my wrist and suddenly the watch dropped, luckily my spontaneous reaction saved the watch from hitting the hard marble floor. Reason... non quality spring bar broken in pieces....

The spring bar, the part being used to attach the strap, band or bracelet to the lugs, sometimes ignored by most of watch owner. There are many types of spring bar. High end watches used their own manufactured spring bars like Patek, Rolex, Vacheron, Hublot, Ulysses and other just used the mass production of spring bars which easily available in the net. Look at my pictures of those spring bars.

It is advisable to replace the spring bars when you just acquire used or preowned vintage watches. Some of those spring bars were rusted, low quality or spring broken in pieces.

Spring bars are cheap but the watch you wear are expensive, so think wisely! and check your spring bars

Syed Mohri


  1. Tuan Syed,

    Thank you for the tips. It also happened to us once or twice.Luckily nothing happened to the watch.

    We normally now send watches purchased and received to the shop for servicing and repair where necessary.


  2. Sorry 3X... Tuan Syed... teman tak perasan pun... ate minggu tu sibuk bebenor sebab banyak jualan dan persediaan untuk dua konferen dan viva... nasib baik ler tak rosak kalu tak kena ganti baru satu lagi yer... terima kasih tips yang diberi nanti buat pedoman untuk jam2 akan datang... kesian kat buyer frust demer nanti... tq... tq... tq.

  3. Takpe Lan... pengajaran untuk kita semua. Kekadang kita "take for granted that everything is okay" tu yang menyebabkan kita tak periksa sebenarnya kena terima hakikat "accidents do happen" dengan kehendakNYA jua. Salam untuk semua and thanks for the comments.

  4. Disebabkan tu jugalah saya order set spring bar baru untuk tukar. Sebab ada jam yang saya beli, spring bar-nya terlalu teruk samapai spring pun dah tak main. Kena potong dengan playar. Kena korbankan tali juga. Nasib tali pun dah teruk. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Harga spring bar kat kedai jam sama baik kecil mahupun besar.

    Harga spring jam kat kedai jam juga sama baik pendek juga panjang.

    Fikir-fikirkan lah.